Primary School Modular Replacement

Project Description

Client:                   St Blasius Primary School
Location:               Shanklin, Isle of White
Floor Area:            300.00 m2
Year Completed:    2018
Architect:               Linton DMC Full Design services.

Demolition of the existing ‘prefab hut building’ made way for a long term ICF replacement build. The lower floor provides two classrooms and ancillary space. The upper floor was constructed but not completed and allows the school expansion space for later.

Working to standard only ICF details, the structure reached the tipping point of airtightness, and should it had been any better, then mechanical ventilation would be required.

We always seek out value, and by transporting aluminum windows from our base in the north-east, we were able to provide this at the same cost as UPVC on the island.

The Challenges

Continually missing the ferry when trying to get home!!, but the scenery on the island certainly makes up for it

Academy Building

Project Description

Client:                   Wombourne High School
Location:               Ounsdale
Floor Area:            1,100.00 m2
Year Completed:   2019
Architect:              Gillespies

Built within tennis courts at Wombourne High School, this standalone teaching block with administration spaces takes advantage of modern construction methods. Constructed with Insulated Concrete Formwork ICF, reducing the overall build time and structural steel requirements to provide a highly insulated skin to the building.

Working with suppliers, we provided the school with more significant quality products internally and externally than what was specified to give a corporate aesthetic to the internals and reduced maintenance to the externals at no increase of the cost.

We always try to provide the best value in terms of materials to clients, and this is part of our collaborative ethos.

The Challenges

Working within a live school environment presented challenges for connecting to the existing services. By planning the works outside of school and term time, the works were easily achived without impact on the school’s running.

Adapting to the school’s situation and necessary needs to complete work is key to our working together ethos.

Academy Sport Facility

Project Description

Client:                   Kinver High School and Sixth Form
Location:               Kinver, Stourbridge
Floor Area:            1,600 m2
Year Completed:    Ongoing
Architect:               Thorn Architects Ltd

Constructed within tennis courts at Kinver High School, this standalone building provides sports provisions for the school and the local community.

With varying spaces forming dance studios, gym, and multi-use main hall, the building is robust in finish internally while externally contemporary in appearance in contrast to the surrounding school buildings.

The Challenges

When securing a project, we continually consider the value in the quality of finishes and push to provide not merely what is specified but better.

Internal Refurbishment

Project Description

Client:                     Invictus Education Trust
Location:                 Invictus Head Quarters part of Kinver School
Floor Area:              500 m2
Year Completed:      2020
Architect:                 Linton DMC full service

Taking ownership of a building husk, we knew that the project would be challenging from the outset. Working closely with the client and advisors, we delivered the works perfectly on time and budget.

Peeling back the building layers and finding issues to continually resolve the input architecturally aided in the project’s forward momentum.

In delivering the works, we took a fabric first approach increasing the building’s thermal efficiency, installing walls to upgrade acoustic levels, improving fire-stopping, and finishing internally with quality products.

The Challenges

It would be a fantasy to pretend the project was delivered solely by Linton DMC. Without our subcontractors’ immense efforts, the project would not have come together with the way it did.

We select our subcontractors carefully for this very reason and seek to maintain long term relationships.

Own Project: ICH Services – Shell Only


Project Description

Client:                     Speller Metcalf
Location:                 Kinver High School and Sixth Form
Floor Area:              450,000 m2
Year Completed:      2014
Value:                      $250.000
Architect:                Jason & Perry

The Langham Hotel located in Mountain View is one of the most CA’s largest hotel  with over 450,000 square feet of new construction. Complete interior renovation included removing walls, new restrooms, paint, wall coverings, tile and carpeting.

The Challenges

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